Sunset Collection's Mint State Liberty Seated Half Dollar Set Sale


1848 WB-7 NGC MS63


1850 WB-2 PCGS MS64

A pleasing mélange of color blankets both sides, with scattered shades of olive and blue-green splashed atop an underlying palette of silver-rose. The reverse shading is deeper, with aqua rims surrounding more intense gray hue throughout. This is a much better date among Philadelphia Seated halves, with  227,000 pieces coined. Stars are sharply struck, while the eagle’s claws to the left blend together. WB-2, with a strong die clash in the reverse shield, while the last digit in the date is repunched. The NGC population is seven examples in MS62, with 17 pieces higher in all grades combined. This is a most attractive example of a challenging issue, and sure to please the new owner.

1852 WB-2 PCGS MS64

The picture says it all for this eye-catching No Motto half dollar. Intense rim toning perfectly frames a lightly toned obverse, as blue-green shades in the dentils surround delicate russet hues across the figure of Liberty. The reverse is similar, with the barest hints of color in the eagle. This is a low mintage issue, with 77,130 pieces struck, and is highly prized in all grades. As with the 1850 and 1851 issues, the oversupply of western gold made it difficult for silver coins to circulate, and the Mint emissions are low in the years just prior to the 1853 Coinage Act. This example is nicely struck overall, with a couple soft stars, while the eagle feathers are virtually complete. WB-2, with parallel, diagonal die lines running in the reverse shield. This piece is a highlight of the current offering, combining rarity, strong technical grade, and exceptional eye appeal. The PCGS population is six pieces in MS64, with six coins higher.

1852-O WB-2 NGC MS62

This piece sits close to the top of condition census, with a single MS62 piece, this coin, at NGC, and only three examples higher. The PCGS number aren’t far behind, with two coins in MS62 and six pieces higher. This example exhibits pleasing greenish-blue rim toning with more lightly toned centers. The central figures reveal shades of rose and gold, more so on the reverse, and the eye appeal is substantial. An exceptional strike brings up crisp stars, and needle-sharp detail even in the claw joints. WB-2, with even date punched to the left. This is a special coin, combining a low mintage of 144,000 pieces, aesthetic charm, and a strong position within the condition census.

1856-S WB-2 PCGS AU58 CAC

Another amazing coin from the Sunset consignment, this early San Francisco piece has a population of just 16 pieces reported by CAC, with only a single piece higher, at MS64. The PCGS population is similarly minimal, with five coins across all MS grades combined. This is a pleasing, two-tone example with sliver and powder blue in the protected areas, while tan shades fill the fields and high points. Apart from stars 12-13, the strike is exceptional, with exquisite detail in the lower portion of the eagle, much better than usually seen.  WB-2, with date punched to the left and die line above (AM)ER(ICA) in the dentils. Unless you wish to holdout for the lone MS64 CAC piece, it would be difficult to improve upon this example in terms of originality and eye appeal.

1859-S WB-8 PCGS MS64

Early San Francisco half dollars are scarce, as the western Mint focused on processing massive quantities of gold bullion. The San Francisco Mint struck 566,000 pieces in this year, and the issue is priced well above “type” status even in lower grades. This piece is well advanced in the condition census, with 19 pieces reported by PCGS at this grade, and only eight examples higher. The present coin reveals creamy silver shading, with a dusting of russet on both sides, more evenly within the reverse legend. Nicely struck, with sharp stars and delineated claw joints. WB-8, with centered date and large mintmark barely touching stem.

1862-S WB-1 PCGS MS63 CAC

Splashes of gray toning fill the stars and legend of this San Francisco half, while the fields exhibit a pleasing mix of tan, gold, rose, and antique silver. Low certified populations are the rule for the Sunset consignment, and this example is no exception, with only four pieces higher at CAC. The strike is strong, outside of a couple soft stars, with near-perfect detail in the eagle feathers and claws. WB-1, with centered date and damaged upper loop of 6. It is difficult to overstate the appeal of this example – substantial Mint bloom combines with original toning and absolute scarcity to create a truly compelling offering.


1863 PCGS MS64 CAC


1866 Motto NGC MS64



1866-S WB-4 Motto NGC MS64

1867 PCGS MS64 OGH


1868 PCGS MS63 CAC


1868-S WB-1 PCGS MS64


     1839 No Drap WB-1 ANACS EF45 OWH        1840 Sm Letters WB-2 NGC MS62         1842 Sm Date WB-5 NGC MS61 CAC         


              1843 WB-29 PCGS MS63                         1843 WB-27 NGC MS62 CAC                   1844/1844-O WB-22 NGC EF45       


  1846 6/Horiz 6 ANACS VF35 OWH                    1849 WB-13 NGC MS63                         1851 WB-5 PCGS MS60 OGH    


        1855-S WB-3 PCGS VF25                       1856-O WB-14 NGC MS61 CAC                    1857-S WB-4 PCGS AU50      


               1858-S WB-14 PCGS MS62 OGH                          1859 PCGS MS61                                         1860 NGC MS61                            


                      1860-S WB-1 PCGS MS63                           1861-S WB-1 PCGS MS62                          1863-S WB-4 PCGS MS61                       


        1864-S WB-1 NGC AU58                            1864-S WB-5 ANACS VF35                             1865 PCGS EF40                 


               1865-S WB-7 PCGS VF30                 1866-S No Motto WB-1 PCGS EF45                  1867-S WB-4 PCGS MS61              


      1869 PCGS MS62 Rattler                          1869-S WB-3 PCGS MS62                                   1870 NGC MS62              


         1870-S WB-1 PCGS MS62                               1871 PCGS MS63                                  1871-S WB-3 PCGS MS62         


         1872 PCGS MS62                                 1872-CC WB-6 NGC EF40                           1872-S WB-3 NGC MS61  


1873 Arrows PCGS EF45                          1873-S WB-1 PCGS AU53                               1875-S PCGS AU58