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Auction closes at 9:00pm Saturday May 8th

Seated 50C 1871CC
EF40 Seated 50C PCGS 16735256
Ultimate #221 WB-1, Key Date, Gem Original, Newtown Collection Silver central figures host gold patina in the recessed areas, surrounded by blue-gray fields with more deeply shaded rims. The date and reverse shield reveal original crust, as does the pole and adjacent hairline. Steely surfaces exhibit reflectivity under a light, and the overall effect is pleasing, indeed, pieces of this quality are rarely found with the coveted CC mintmark. WB-1, with a die crack through the middle of (A)MER(ICA). The mintmark is closely spaced, with the second C punched north of the first. The CAC population is 27 coins in all grades, with nine pieces graded higher. Bidding activity will be energetic for challenging Carson City issue. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder with CAC approval.

High Bid: $6725
Number of Bids: 5
Unique Bid Number: 31800
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