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Seated 50C 1842
1842 Medium Date AU55 Seated 50C PCGS 28860117
Ultimate #22 WB-14, Repunched Date, Choice Original, Newtown Collection Partially mirrored surfaces with strong, reflective luster host russet rim toning, which is more intense on the reverse. The protected areas readily reveal original Mint bloom. Well-struck with sharp star centers and most feathers complete. WB-14, with the 8 repunched to the left and the beginning of a circular obverse die crack. The reverse is identified by the die lines above M, although the die cracks which appear in later strikings are not yet fully formed. Bugert documents extensive die cracks for half dollars from 1842-1844, and many of these could easily be collected by die state, serving to demonstrate advancing cracks as production proceeds. The Bugert references are freely available and may be referenced on the Liberty Seated Collectors Club website ( Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder.

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