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Seated 50C 1858O
AU53 Seated 50C PCGS 36240362
Ultimate #142 WB-33, Choice Original, Newtown Collection This deeply toned example reveals olive and gray surfaces marked by charcoal streaks on the obverse, while the reverse hosts a liberal splash of crusty patina throughout. Substantial luster remains under the toning and the surfaces are especially smooth for the grade. A diagonal line connects H and the rim on the reverse, serving to identify the WB-33, the only use of this reverse die. The eagle’s shield is clashed at the lower right. A few of the stars are softly impressed, but the eagle feathers and claws joints exhibit good separation, especially so for a New Orleans piece. With over seven million pieces struck, this issue represents the third highest mintage in the series, and die varieties abound, with 41 marriages detailed in the Bugert reference. This is an eye appealing 1858-O half for those attracted to strict originality and old time luster. Housed in a PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder.

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