Fredrik and Doris

Love Tokens


 1861-S F-102 Variety




 1862-S F-101 Variety



Comments: As one enjoys the beauty of these ‘love tokens”, the immediate question becomes, "Who were Fredrik and Doris?" I would like to believe that Fredrik and Doris were children of a San Francisco business man. Both dimes may have been retrieve from a local bank in 1862 and engraved as birth year gifts for his son and daughter. The dimes were stored immediately only to be discovered many years later in the owner’s estate. The engravings saved the dimes from entering the general collecting market where they might have been dipped for a potential TPG mint state grade. Instead the engravings allowed each dime to remain in its true original state since there was no point to enhance the surfaces for higher commercial value.

Plate Coins: G. Fortin Collection

1861-S Varieties 101, 102

1862-S Varieties 101, 102, 102a

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