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Capped Bust 50C 1838 Capped Bust 50C 1838
Reeded Edge

Gem Original, Incredible Bullseye Toning, Unparalleled Eye Appeal, Accurately Graded, Well Struck, Port Matilda Collection. Ex. Montana Collection and now being consigned by the Port Matilda Collection. When the Montana Collection made its GFRC debut, a broad array of top quality early silver type coins were added to inventory. All Montana Collection coins were purchased from two sources during the past ten years; Aspen Park Rare Coins and HLRC. Both dealers are well known for offering top quality coins. GFRC is so fortunate to have been chosen to handle divestment. I'm in love with this gem 1838 Reeded Edge half with bullseye toning that is a piece of art. Even though priced at double the PCGS price guide, I'm still issuing a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation and once in hand, you will know why. If not so busy loading coins on the price list, I take a break to enjoy the interplay of steely cartwheel luster with the bullseye toning. Let's start with the obverse; an internal rose circle is outlined by a thin ring of aquamarine which also surrounds the primary device. Immediately outside the center ring is a transparent golden film that surrounds the stars. Bright light viewing is amazing. Now the reverse; circular sky blue toning covers the eagle and immediate fields. This area is nicely framed by a burnt gold ring that surrounds the legend. Strike is completed executed on the reverse and center obverse. Those pesky stars in the right field lack connected centrils. Surfaces are entirely blemish free. A truly incredible offering for those that want special eye candy in their collections and are not afraid to pay the premium. December 1969