Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 50C 1841O Seated 50C 1841-O
Choice $1295 Early New Orleans Strike, Satiny Cartwheel Luster, Uniform Light Gray-Gold Patina, Fully Struck, Cracked Reverse, Pleasing Eye Appeal. A wonderful 1841 New Orleans struck half dollar that belongs in a serious advanced collection. This offering is the WB-8 die variety as confirmed by the thick die crack from from left claws down through H(A)LF andf then rim. A no question choice original example with semi-transparent gray patina with embedded gold that becomes pronounced under a bright light. The WB-8 die pairing features a softly struck obverse but with complete device details included all stars having connected centrils and fully rounded. Surfaces are choice and blemish free. Cartwheel luster is closer to satiny texture. Overall eye appeal is well above average and will please the most selective collector. Housed in new 2015 style PCGS holder with CAC approval. The CAC approval is definitely warranted. A premium Liberty Seated half dollar at the AU58 grade level.