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Seated 10C 1872S Seated 10C 1872-S
Original SOLD
Underrated San Francisco Date, Dirty Gray Patina, Original Surfaces, Typical Strike, Newtown Dansco Album Collection. A low mintage San Francisco dime date with equally low survival rate. The miniscule surviving population is evident via the PCGS population report. How about nine examples certified in both Fine grades and only twelve in all Very Fine grades to illustrate the point? This 1872-S survival was recently extracted from the Newtown Collection's Dansco album and graded. Surfaces are covered with dirty gray patina. Ebony highlights surround the legend and reverse periphery. Strike is typical for the date with ample device details remaining at the assigned F15 grade. Freshly graded and housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. December 1969