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Seated 5C 1838 Seated 5C 1838
Small Stars

Choice SOLD
Small Stars Die State, Thick Crusty Patina, Choice Original, Crazy Joe Seated Specials Collection. The 1838 Small Stars die variety for Liberty Seated half dimes did not occur due to a smaller sized star punch as is the case for Liberty Seated dimes. Rather a Large Stars obverse die has badly degraded with rust pitting, die clashing and cracking. This obverse die is lapped in an attempt to remove some of the damage and results in weak and "smaller" sized stars. Obverse and reverse die clashing and a weak obverse are quick pick up points for cherrypicking. In the termination die state, a bold die crack is seen between Liberty's knee and stars 14 and 15. The offered example is from the Crazy Joe Seated Specials, a new face to GFRC. Surfaces are fully choice and covered with crusty gray patina. Grading is accurate at the EF40 level given the lapped obverse. It is best to grade small star variety by the reverse. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. December 1969