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Seated 10C 1871 Seated 10C 1871
TOP #55
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Repunched 18, Reverse of 1870 (A), Gem Original, Fully Struck, CAC Approval, AuburnNY Accordian Collection. F-101 is one of a group of three proof obverse dies employed during 1871 at the Philadelphia mint. This obverse exhibits strong date repunching. Bold repunching is visible above the flag of the 1 digit and above the top loop of the 8 digit. In addition, the F-101 obverse is found with weakness in the strike of Liberty's head including a raise metal arc at the top of the head. I have seen this obverse die characteristic on all F-101 examples until this AuburnNY Accordian specimen appeared as a GFRC consignment. The 1871 F-101 Repunched 18 proof die is paired with a reverse which already has an obvious die crack along the bottom of the ribbon ends and into the lower portion of the right wreath. This reverse is a left over proof reverse die from 1870. After being paired with two separate 1870 obverse dies, this reverse is again paired with a 1871 proof obverse die, generating additional proof and business strikes. It appears that this reverse was designated as a proof reverse die during 1870 and 1871 until its final usage for business strikes in 1871. A June 2006 study of the Heritage Auction Archives by Gerry Fortin revealed that the F-101 is the second rarest of the three 1871 proof varieties. Of the twenty-three Heritage 1871 proof dimes offered at auction since 2000, about 25% were struck from the F-101 die pair. The offered example is completely struck with bold obverse and reverse devices. Mirrors present a watery texture during bright light viewing that is typical of the die pairing. Reflective luster for the F-101 proof strikes is not as crisp as seen on the more common F-102 proofs. Obverse is toned a lovely aquamarine-gold while the reverse offers classic burnt gold at the wreath. Listed in the Top 100 Varieties set and worthy of special consideration. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. A gem original offering from the AuburnNY Accordian Collection. December 1969