Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Gold G$2.5 1925D Gold G$2.5 1925-D
NGC Fatty

Gem $900 Gem Original, Old Time Conservative Grading. Mintage of 578,000 at the Denver mint and the last $2.5 Indians to be produced. Once again, let's consider the 1925-D issue's background as explained by David Akers. He states, "Almost always having very good to excellent mint lustre but the striking quality varies greatly; some are very unevenly struck while others are well struck. Dies seem to have been a problem with this issue, and many specimens were clearly struck from buckled or deteriorated dies. The mint mark is usually a little weak but well defined. There are some specimens, however, where the mintmark is so weak that it is nearly invisible. The color is typically a rose tinted gold but there are also coppery colored specimens as well as ones with green and yellow gold shades. The surfaces are frosty with little or no granularity." In light of these observation, this example was carefully examined with a 10x loupe. Surfaces are frosty with brilliant cartwheel luster. Strike is complete and uniform with some minor die bulging below the Indian's chin and behind E PLU(RI)BUS. Overall eye appeal is superior and warrants a gem quality rating. Housed in NGC fatty holder with CAC approval. An offering for collectors attempt a type set with preference for all TPG holders and CAC approval.