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Seated 10C 1878CC Seated 10C 1878-CC
Type 2 Reverse
F12 raw
Original SOLD
Difficult Carson City Date, Original, Gun Metal Gray Patina, Accurately Graded.. A strictly original 1878 Carson City F-103 example with lapped Type II reverse die and downward sloping mintmark. By now, Liberty Seated dime specialist understand that all Type II reverse dies used to strike 1878 dimes were lapped before beginning production. The results is a one to two grade difference between obverse (stronger) and reverse (weaker). This F-103 example is slightly better than average with respect to the obverse to reverse grade difference. Surfaces are covered with gun metal gray patina and are essentially blemish free. The obverse grades a full Fine 12 with slightly raised scroll. The reverse rim is almost worn through at 10:00 which is typical. Please note the downward sloping mintmark that easily identifies the F-103 die pairing. December 1969