Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Flowing Hair $1 1795 Flowing Hair $1 1795
F15 raw

Market Acceptable SOLD
Always in Demand, Eye Appeal, Well Struck Flowing Hair Dollar, Details Grade. Substantial eye appeal is the dominate parameter of this least than perfect 1795 Flowing Hair dollar. The Flowing Hair dollar entry in a type set that was recently released into the market in Maine area. I can understand why the former owner purchased this piece. Coloring is a natural light to medium gray with overall attractive appearance is demonstrated in the GFRC images. Strike is well executed and uniform, especially on the small eagle reverse. This piece does have some technical issues that are present but not distracting in my humble opinion. The first is faint porosity surrounding the stars and into the milling. Above Liberty's head, there is some minor smoothing of the porosity at LI(BER)TY. The smoothing is visible within the GFRC obverse image and if you can live with the image, then the dollar in hand will be more pleasing. Reverse has seen a light wipe and retoned an acceptable light steel gray. A perfect for a Dansco or Whitman type set at a fair and attractive price. December 1969