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Barber 50C 1906D Barber 50C 1906-D

Choice SOLD
Brilliant Frosty Luster, Swirling Cartwheels, Substantial Eye Appeal, Choice Original, Oregon Beaver Collection. If collecting Barber coinage and having disposable income handy, then this gorgeous 1906-D should receive your immediate attention. Bright light viewing is a joy due to bold and brilliant cartwheel luster that tickles the eyes. Surface finish is between steely and frosty with heavy light reflectance. Strike is complete with high relief stars and full reverse devices. GFRC images have amplified the speckled ebony-rose toning. Toning is definitely not as substantial and obvious during in-hand viewing including 10x loupe inspection. I like this 1906 Denver strike to the point that a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is warranted. I have no indication if this piece has been to CAC and really don't care. This Barber half stands on its own in term of overall quality and eye appeal. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. December 1969