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World Daalder 1670 World DAALDER 1670
Dutch Lion Dollar (Daalder), Traded in New Amsterdam/America, Original, Accurately Graded, Osprey Collection . Many late 17th century European coins circulated in the New World. For example, the Dutch Lion Dollars (Daadlers) were an important trade coin minted in Holland starting in 1575. These circulated in New Amsterdam during the Dutch period in America. Also known as dog dollars, they circulated from New York southward to the Carolinas during the period 1690 to 1730. The offered example resides in PCGS MS61 holder and is original. Strike is so typical for these Lion Dollars with central weakness on both the obverse and reverse. This piece's high points are bright light performance, robust surfaces and overall eye appeal. Bottomline...I would not mind owning this one as part of a new world coin collection. Housed in older generation PCGS Security holder with "Neth-W.Friesand" on blue label. Another important piece from the Osprey Collection.