Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 25C 1842O Seated 25C 1842-O
Large Date
Briggs 4-F
Choice $4350 Large Date, Superior Eye Appeal, Choice Original Surfaces, Mirrored Fields, Classic Ring Toning, Completely Struck, Fairly Graded, Sunset Point Collection. If planning to build a mint state set of Liberty Seated quarters, then this Sunset Point Collection offering should be immediately scooped up. 1842-O Large Date quarters are fairly available in circulated grades up to EF45. In AU, the population quickly thins out along fewer in mint state. Let's shift to this example. Mirrored fields and classic old album ring toning are the key highlights along with a complete strike. Center rose and peripheral blues are consistent on both sides. Under a bright light, the obverse shifts to sky blue at the stars. The reverse adds a thin golden arc at the periphery along with blues and a rose center. A really eye appealing example of a difficult to locate choice in mint state. Accurately graded and housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. In hand inspection on a bourse floor is definitely warranted. I suspect that the first collectors to see this piece in hand will buy it. It is that nice!