Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
World 1 Ducation 1743/2 World 1 DUCATION 1743/2
AU Details NGC
DAV-1827 KM-90.1
Netherlands, Holland, Surface Hairlines, Silver Rider, Potentially Finest Known, Osprey Collection. GFRC is pleased to offer this condition census European crown with unknown mintage. No examples are listed in the NGC population report which indicates this piece's rarity. The reverse has been lightly wiped and is untoned while the obverse sports attractive sky blue patina under bright light and appears to be original. The main obverse device is an armored knight on horse with sword held about head. This device is above the Holland shield. Freshly sourced from Europe and housed in new large font NGC holder. NGC has designated this 1 Ducation as AU Details, Surfaces Hairlines. A close 10x loupe inspection did confirm some very minor and wispy hairlines on the reverse.