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Seated 50C 1873 Seated 50C 1873
With Arrows
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New December 19! Pre-Orlando FUN Sale! Price Reductions! WB-109, Double Die Obverse, Quad Stripes, Bold White Luster, Completely Struck, Accurately Graded, Ft. Lauderdale Collection. The 1873 With Arrows double die obverse variety is popular and can be found listed as FS-101 and FS-1101 by NGC and PCGS attribution services. Few examples have been certified with the finest at NGC being EF45 and PCGS being AU58 and MS65. The PCGS AU58 example sold at Heritage Auction during July 2015 for $3500. Wiley-Bugert call the 1873 With Arrows variety, "the most dramatic doubled head die of the Liberty Seated half dollar series." Doubling is visible on Liberty's gown and foot, and clearly evident on the obverse shield, scroll, and LIBERTY. The obverse shield stripes are in sets of four, rather than the customary three stripes per set. This example is in the condition census for the variety with brilliant frosty white luster. Strike is complete with all stars being well rounded and complete device details on both sides. Under a light source, the luster is bright white and somewhere between reflective and frosty. An important Liberty Seated half dollar die variety offering from the Ft. Lauderdale Collection. The offered high grade example must be in the condition census with bold white luster and clear definition of the obverse die doubling diagnostics. There is some minor chatter in the obverse field that is mentioned for completeness. Strike is full with all star centrils and head details complete. Advanced Liberty Seated half dollar collectors should carefully consider this high end example. Housed in new NGC holder without the WB-109 designation on label.