Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 5C 1838 Seated 5C 1838
No Drapery, Large Stars

Eye Candy, Glowing Aquamarine-Rose-Gold Luster, Super Original, Accurately Graded, Santa Fe Collection. A very special 1838 Large Stars half dime that would be ideal for a mint state early type collection. GFRC accurately capture the colors as seen in hand. Bright light viewing leads to a glowing luster including a golden obverse ring at the stars and uniform rose-gold on the reverse. Strike is absolutely hammered with round stars and deeply impressed hair curls. Eye appeal is that of a higher grade but technically, this half dime is accurately graded due to two parallel micro lines on the obverse to the left of the date. These lines can be seen in the worst GFRC images (lines are parallel to the light source and enhanced) but not distracting when viewing in hand or with a loupe. Fresh graded and housed in 2015 style PCGS holder. A superb offering from the Santa Fe Collection. December 1969