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Shield 5C 1866 Shield 5C 1866
With Rays

Original $295 Popular First Year With Rays Type, Late Die State Dies, Original Surfaces, Frosty Luster, Twin Lakes Collection. In 1866, a new 5 Cent piece made of nickel as an alternative for the silver Liberty Seated half dime was introduced. The two coins were issued side-by-side through 1873, after which the half dime was discontinued and the Shield nickel became the coin of standard commerce. Unfortunately, nickel is a hard metal and difficult to strike resulting in rapidly aging dies. Part of the die aging problem was the intricate reverse, where stars were squeezed tightly between small rays surrounding the large 5 denomination. The rays were removed from the dies mid-1867, but failed to completely solve the cracking die problem. This survivor is accurate graded as the AU58 level. Struck from late die state dies with obverse erosion and cracks on the reverse. Mint frost is readily visible under a 10x loupe. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 holder with standard ring insert. More attractively priced duplicate offerings from the Twin Lakes Collection.