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Seated 10C 1861S Seated 10C 1861-S

Original SOLD
Rare Grade! Original Gray Patina, Well Struck, Important Opportunity. The 1861-S date in the Liberty Seated dime series has my complete respect. I will make every effort to purchase all original examples seen; few EF and AU examples have been found in six years while operating GFRC. This freshly graded example has the classic 1861-S appearance since the obverse is from the Type 1 With Legend design hub. I suspect that Anthony Paquet (Assistant Mint Engraver) engraving influence is on full display with weak device features and thin lettering. As a result the obverse device details are less well defined than the sharp reverse devices. The 1861-S date wore done faster on the obverse than reverse. This example is no question original with gray-gold toning and offers residual golden luster. There is some peripheral speckled ebony on the obverse and faint reverse ebony verdigris. Reverse strike is exceptional. Mintage was limited to 172,000 strikes with all entering West coast circulation. Few examples are known in Mint State. Accurately graded and housed in new large font NGC holder. I'm sure a Liberty Seated dime specialist will grab this example. December 1969