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Seated 10C 1845 Seated 10C 1845
VF20 raw
Cleaned New Price
Repunched 8, Rare 1845 Date Variety, R6 Rarity, Old Album Retoning. The 1845 F-102a is such a rare and under appreciated die state variety among Liberty Seated collectors. The extra repunched top loop of the 8 digit is visible between 9:00 and 12:00 on this example and is seldom seen offered. To provide an explanation on the F-102a variety, following is an extraction from the Liberty Seated Dime web-book. So when was the Variety 102a dime struck? Could the repunching over the 8 digit be visible only when the obverse strike is very bold? Could the Variety 102a variety be a bold strike die state of the Obverse 1 and Reverse C.2 die pairing? I believe this to be the case. The continuing difficulty in locating an example of this variety versus the general availability of other 1845 repunched varieties, would suggest a striking anomaly or die state phenomenon as a potential explanation. The repunching of the 8 digit on Obverse 1 could have been present on the die for a considerable time. However, the repunching is very shallow on the face of the die, requiring a strong strike to pass an imprint to the planchet in the die press. The offered example has been lightly cleaned in the past and is retoning. I've assigned a Cleaned quality rating as the cleaning was substantial while this piece has not fully recovered.