Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 10C 1874CC Seated 10C 1874-CC
Original $6500 New September 4! Key Date, Gray-Blue Patina, Honest Wear, Bold Devices, Cleveland Collection. The unquestioned key date in the Liberty Seated dime series and typically missing in most date and mintmark sets. With the Cleveland Collection consignor making a substantial 1874-CC PCGS VG10 CAC upgrade at the 2019 Chicago ANA show, his ANACS AG03 immediately comes to market. Please don't let the ANACS blue label holder hold back serious consideration. This example is well worn but still presents a bold date and CC mintmark. The obverse rim is worn through at UNITED STATES while reverse rim integrity is pleasing at this grade level. Surfaces are toned a dark blue-gray with embedded gold and rose on the obverse. A few circulation lines are seen on Liberty's midsection but none distracting. Mintage is only 10,817 with few survivors that will straight grade. A chance to fill the key date hole in your collection without robbing a bank. Lay-a-way terms are available.