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Seated 10C 1840 Seated 10C 1840
With Drapery
Original SOLD
Scarce With Drapery Type, Original Light Gray Surfaces, Fully Struck, Residal Luster. The 1840 With Drapery date is quite difficult to locate fully choice and is rare in EF or better regardless of the reported mintage of 377,500. I see probably ten No Drapery examples for every With Drapery that crosses my desk though the mintage is less than three times larger (981,500 vs. 377,500). This new offering, from an anonymous consignor, has been fresh graded. Both sides are covers with a light gray patina and slightly darker peripheral highlights. A few ancient lines hold this piece back from a Choice quality rating. Strike is complete with high relief stars and full head details. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder and should be destined for a new home in an advanced collection. December 1969