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Seated 50C 1840(O) Seated 50C 1840-(O)
Rev 1838
Original SOLD
No Mintmark Reverse of 1838, Original Surfaces, Gray-Aquamarine Patina, Steely Fields, Residual Luster, Reverse Die Cracks, Fairly Graded . A special offering of the high demand 1840(O) Liberty Seated type struck with a Medium Letters Reverse of 1838. A left over reverse from 1839 New Orleans Capped Bust half coinage was muled with a Liberty Seated obverse die during the initial year of production. This variety can be identified with medium sized reverse legend as compared to the smaller lettering on reverses intended for Seated half coinage. When this example was struck, the reverse die is cracked consistent with diagnostics as defined by Bugert within his Federal Register series on Liberty Seated New Orleans halves. This example is strict original at the assigned AU50 grade level. Surfaces are free of any significant abrasions. Gray-gold patina cover the obverse while reverse toning is an aquamarine band on the lower reverse and light gold on the upper reverse. When viewed under a light source, residual steely luster is evident on the obverse along with a golden ring at the periphery. The reverse luster is also steely and more active. Strike is well executed with nearly all stars having connected centrils. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert that dates back to the late 1990s. The PCGS label reads, "Reverse of 1838". This offering is sure to garner considerable attention as infrequently offered. December 1969