Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Capped Bust 25C 1831 Capped Bust 25C 1831
Large Letters
Choice SOLD
Repunched Date, Large Letters, Mirrored Fields, Reflective Cartwheel Luster, Near Gem Original, Accurately Graded. The B-5 die pairing with repunched date and large letters reverse. A near gem original example with mirrored fields and reflective luster. The obverse is toned with intermixed rose, aquamarine and golden shades while reverse toning is absolutely gorgeous with rose center and sky blue at the legend. There are no abrasions worthy of mention. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert and CAC approval. The label attributions is that of Small Letters but the B-5 die pairing is a Large Letters. This is a no question Large Letters reverse. December 1969