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Seated 50C 1855/54 Seated 50C 1855/54
With Arrows

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Consignor Buy-Out/Price Reduction! 1855/54 Overdate, Original Surfaces.. This important 1855/54 Arrows Liberty Seated half dollar overdate is listed as WB-102 by Wiley Bugert and FS-301 in the CherryPickers Guide. Satiny luster is immediately evident whether inspecting in hand or under a bright light. The 1855/54 variety is conditionally challenging in AU 55 or better grades. This example has brilliant cartwheel luster along with subtle toning in the form of pale, speckled, golden-rose iridescence. Strike is average with stars 7 and 8 lacking connected centrils and some weakness on eagles left facing claws and the arrow feathers. An R5 rarity rating was by Randy Wiley and Bill Bugert. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder. December 1969