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Seated 50C 1839 Seated 50C 1839

Choice $775 With Drapery Type Coin, Choice Original, Light Olive/Gray, Lustrous, Consertive Grading, Poor Man's Collection. A half year type coin during 1839 as mintage included both No Drapery and With Drapery master hub designs. This With Drapery example is fully choice and would easily compliment an advanced collection. Surfaces are covered with transparent uniform olive gray patina. Viewing this piece under a light source activates plenty of remaining luster and a reverse cartwheel effect. Frankly, I believe this 1839 half is conservatively graded from a wear perspective. Strike is a tad weak at the gown line and breasts along with lower left eagle leg on the reverse. The assigned AU53 grade probably comprehends this weakness. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 Dupont hologram holder and about as original as one could ever expect. CAC approval is definitely warranted.