Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Capped Bust 50C 1826 Capped Bust 50C 1826
GFRC Buyout & Price Reduction, Better Overton Variety, Gem Original, Steely/Satiny Luster, Well Struck, Peripheral Ebony Toning, Port Matilda Collection . A visual striking 1825 O-105 Capped Bust half dollar and better die pairing to consider. I'm a junky for old tiime thick crusty toning on early silver type coins. But the toning must be well balanced between center to edge. A gem original example with no blemishes whatsoever. Shimmering luster borders between steely and satiny with active cartwheels under a light source. Gray-rose center luster transitions to mottled ebony at the peripheries. Obverse strike is complete with nicely rounded stars but the reverse lacks some definition at the denominations. Housed in PCGS Gen 3.1 old green holder and worthy of a GFRC gem quality rating as I love the overall eye appeal and pristine surfaces. Recent buy-out from consignor with reduction pricing that is most attractive for the eye appeal. December 1969