Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Gold G$2.5 1906 Gold G$2.5 1906

Gem New Price
New May 25! Superb Type Gem, Hammered Strike, Brilliant Frosty Cartwheels, Winesteven Collection. The Winesteven Collection is back with a newly upgraded duplicate from his United States gold type set. GFRC is pleased to be offering a superb gem 1906 $2.5 quarter eagle that will fit nicely into many advanced collections. This piece of eye candy is very well balanced. Strike is hammered on both sides with elevated devices and high relief stars. Brilliant frosty luster and swirling cartwheels are undisturbed during bright light viewing. Coloring is a moderate orange-gold. Housed in PCGS special 30th Anniversary old green holder with CAC approval. A compelling value at the assigned grade level for a type set.