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Seated 50C 1848O Seated 50C 1848-O
Original $1150 WB-12, Original Mottled Obverse Toning, Gorgeous Reverse Coloring, Steely Luster, Typical Strike, Accurately Graded, New Jersey Collection.. Photographing this lovely 1848-O half was quite challenging due to the mottled olive gold obverse toning that provides little contrast. The reverse, on the otherhand, has gorgeous rose center surrounded by blues, gold and yellow as we approach the rim. Luster on both sides has a steely texture. This piece perform well when viewed under a light source. The obverse shifts to orange rose while the reverse luster accentuates the existing colors. Strike is typical with expected points of weakness; obverse stars and lower left facing eagle's leg and claws. Grading is accurate. Housed in old blue label PCGS holder with standard ring insert. Another fine piece from the New Jersey Collection of Liberty Seated half dollars.