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Seated 50C 1858 Seated 50C 1858

Original $400 Original Surfaces, Steely Cartwheel Luster, Light Copper Gold Patina, Typical Strike, Accurately Graded, New Jersey Collection of Liberty Seated Halves. 1858 Philadelpia strikes are readily available in all grades. The collector's challenge is locating a superior example with eye appeal. This 1858 strike, from the New Jersey Collection, could be that candidate. Steely cartwheel luster and light copper gold patina collectively produce a pleasing experience during bright light viewing. A sky blue peripheral ring is noted on both sides and well frames the lighter golden centers. Strike is typical with weakness in the obverse stars. The eagle wing feather are particular well struck on the reverse. Fairly graded and housed in older NGC holder with standard ring insert that dates back to the early 1990s. Of the market for neatly two decades as part of the New Jersey Collection.