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Seated 10C 1878CC Seated 10C 1878-CC
Type 2 Reverse
TOP #79
Choice $825 Lapped and Cracked Reverse of 1877, Choice Original, Typical F-104 Undergrading, Full AU, AuburnNY Accordian Collection. 1878 Carson City Obverse 2, in its final die state, is paired with a left over heavily lapped reverse die from 1877 (Type II Reverse A). During a previous die pairing with the 1877-CC F-110 obverse, the reverse die is severely cracked. Noted early Liberty Seated dime researcher, Kam Ahwash, speculated that the reverse die shattered, taking away the lower left ribbon and part of the bottom of the left maple leaf. After studying an 1877-CC Type 2 F-110 example and this 1878-CC shattered reverse coin side by side, I believe that this die was severely polished or lapped throughout its face to produce the remaining coinage ordered in 1878. This survivor is original crusty gray with bold diagnostics. Strike is impressive. The entire lower left wreath details are effaced by the die lapping while remaining devices are deeply impressed. Remember that F-104 examples must be graded based on obverse as the reverse die was polished and quickly cracked with use. A typical 1878-CC Type 2 reverse dime will have a two grade difference between obverse and reverse. Listed in the Top 100 Varieties Set. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.