Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Capped Bust 50C 1823 Capped Bust 50C 1823
New March 27! Gem Original, Burrowing Owl Collection. Throw out the price guide when evaluating this wonder coin, and even the CDN CAC price wonít be the best indicator. It is hard to imagine letting go of such a coin, but our consignor has made that difficult decision, and the market will decide its true value. The stars and legend of this eye popping example exhibit a thick band of electric blue, surrounding silver and gold centers that are neatly framed by russet patina. The eye appeal is off the charts and exceeds that of a substantially higher graded untoned example. The colonial dealer Dick Picker was well-known for simply pricing coins, rather than grading them, and the approach is apropos here Ė this coinís value is far more dependent on the spectacular toning than the EF45 technical grade. In this case, it is best to "grade" the coin simply by the price realized. Were this on the GFRC price list with a JUST BUY IT NOW designation, multiple inquires would be immediately received. Our consignor paid $1,200 for this piece, a reminder that strong money is usually required to procure the best coins - and we do expect it to sell for more in this sale. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.5 (2011-2013) holder with CAC approval. December 1969