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Seated 25C 1857O Seated 25C 1857-O

Choice Original, Golden Arm Collection. Deep fields neatly contrast with light centers on this better-date Seated quarter. Intense blue, russet, and gold shades intermingle in the stars and fields, and the eye appeal is wholesome. The strike on this piece intriguing - while the stars exhibit ample inner detail, the central portions are more weakly impressed with flatness in the gown and reverse shield. Such variance lends interest to the study of the Seated coinage. Note, this piece was previously CAC'ed, cracked for insertion in a Dansco holder, and later reslabbed by PCGS at the same grade level. However, CAC did not recertify the piece on a subsequent attempt. While CAC is an excellent screener of original coins, no one is 100% consistent. Housed in a PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-date) holder.