Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Trade 1 1874S Trade 1 1874-S

Choice $1650 New August 28! Attractive Peripheral Toning, Steely Luster, Choice at Grade. Please don't let the ANACS gold label holder impact potential consideration for this attractively toned 1874 San Francisco struck Trade dollar. 1874 brought large commercial demand for Trade dollars to be used for the China trade. Most of the San Francisco output was shipped to the Orient. Enough Mint State examples were saved and are available for present day collectors. This well preserved example offers attractive ring toning on both sides. A dense aquamarine patina surrounds untoned centers. Luster is of a steely texture and active during bright light inspection. Fields abrasions are consistent with the assigned grade. This offering is a special color coin with the associated premium.