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Seated 10C 1845 Seated 10C 1845
Original SOLD
Choice Original, Attractive Rose/Gray, Flat Strike.. Locating choice examples of the earlier Philadelphia With Stars dates is not that easily. So when a lovely example like this 1845 appears, then collectors should take notice. This piece is strictly original with attractive rose and gray patina covering the obverse and reverse. The obverse strike is a tad weak at the upper gown line and across the lower knee but the grading is accurate at the AU50 wear point. Fields and devices are completely blemish free. My images well capture the in hand appearance and colors. Under bright light, the obverse colors transition to light rose and blue rims along with ample luster. The reverse turns to a nice even gold. This is the F-105a variety and the reverse die crack through STAT(E)S into the upper right wreath is bold. Housed in new NGC holder; serial number 2550576-001. A real value at the asking price. December 1969