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Seated 5C 1871 Seated 5C 1871

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Filled Obverse Die, Gem Frosty Oriignal, Light Gold Patina, Colorado Collection. A gorgeous 1871 Philadelphia Liberty Seated half dime with considerable character from the minting process. Luster and surfaces are consistent with gem designation. Add in a filled obverse die and heavy die clashing and one has a unique strike that would be a great conservative piece. The upper left arm and portions of Liberty's face remained unfilled during the minting process as is seen on Seated dimes. A grease filled die is always a plausible explanation. A heavy clash mark protrudes from the gown line into Liberty's neck. The reverse has heavy die clash lines and partial H(AL)F, again from a filled die event. Luster is quite frosty while faint gold toning streaks are seen on the obverse under a 10x loupe. There are no blemishes to discuss. Housed in 2015 style PCGS holder and a top quality offering from the Colorado Collection.