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Barber 25C 1897 Barber 25C 1897

Gem Original, Crusty Copper Blue Patina, Hammered Strike, Teich Family Collection Pedigree, Port Matilda Collection.. An impressive earlier date Barber quarter from the Teich Family Collection. One immediately notes the crusty copper blue patina that covers both obverse and reverse. Though the patina is thick, it remains transparent to the underlying luster. Adding a light source produces an uninterrupted steely glow and cartwheel reflections. This lovely peice is accurately graded and completely struck. Reverse arrows shafts are deeply impressed as are the wing tips. Definitely at the gem level and worthy of a selective collector building an advanced Barber quarter collection. Housed in 2013 generation PCGS holder with 'Teich Family Collection" pedigree on the older blue label.