Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Capped Bust 25C 1825/4(2 Capped Bust 25C 1825/4(2
NGC Fatty
Choice $1950 New March 18! Near-Gem, Steely Reflective Fields, Unquestionably Original, Eye Appeal of Higher Grade. The short description for this near-gem 1825/4(2) PCGS and 1825/2 CAC (nomenclature) says it all! First impression is that of a lower AU grade due to the steely reflective luster on both sides. Add in this piece being unquestionable original with residual mint frost in the protected areas and the natural coin gray toning. A loupe inspection reveals wear that is at the EF45 level. The conservative grading and superior eye appeal were rewarded with a CAC green bean and rightly so. The CAC pricing premium is minimal as the CDN CAC guide stands at ($1750) EF40 and ($2000) EF45 with a sharp jump to $3120 at AU50. I like this new offering so much that a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation is warranted. Remember that advanced collections deserve the best coins Housed in pristine NGC Gen 4 (1989-1992) Fatty holder with CAC approval.