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Seated 50C 1876CC Seated 50C 1876-CC
Original $1500 Rare R7 Die Pairing, Dual Sided Surface Finishes, Rose-Blue and Gray Patina, Accurately Graded. What a surprise when carefully attributing this 1876 Carson City strike to the Bugert Register on Liberty Seated half dollar die varieties. After scratching my head with the bound book and not locating a listing from bold die markers, I visited the LSCC website and Bill's addendum pages. There it was listed as WB-42 with R7 rarity rating. The primary diagnostics are a bold die blob on the upper right edge of the obverse shield and a die blob on the reverse horizontal shield lines. Adding to the rare variety status is a cool dual sided die finish. The obverse fields are fully prooflike with wicked nice reflective luster during bright light inspection. The reverse die has a textured finish and generates thick frosty luster. PCGS grading is accurate as there are random contacts on the obverse. This is a cool coin that I've attempted to fairly price. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder.