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Gold G$2.5 1887 Gold G$2.5 1887

Choice HOLD
Tiny Mintage, Sharp Frosty Luster, Orange-Gold Coloring, Choice Offering, Lizard King Collection. When was the last time that you could considered a Mint State U.S gold piece with mintage of 6,160 for $1050? I continue to be amazed by the low gold quarter eagle mintages and corresponding market prices. Within his CoinFacts commentary, David Akers calls the 1887 date, "very underrated in choice uncirculated condition". This Lizard King Collection MS62 duplicate offers sharp frosty luster and swirling cartwheels as a starter. The rich orange-gold coloring is most pleasing. Strike is nearly complete but without any specific areas of weakness. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.