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Morgan $1 1892CC Morgan $1 1892-CC

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Important Carson City Date, Reflective Cartwheel Luster, Choice Original Surfaces, Conservative Grading, Malvern Collection. Price Reduction Effective August 25 2019. A better Morgan Carson City date with mintage of 1,352,000. This 1892-CC offering from the Malvern Collection is most pleasing at the assigned MS61 grade level. Many collectors have come to expect issues at the MS61 grade level; excess marks or subdued luster. I'm sorry to disappoint those expectations as this example radiates crisp reflective luster with active cartwheels. Field are lightly mirrored while the devices are frosty. Abrasions are minimal with just a single mark on the cheek and some light field chatter. Please remember that reflective fields amplify marks leading to lower assigned grades which I believe is the case here. A rose-gold toning arc covers the upper obverse and lower reverse. Conservatively graded and housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with CAC approval. Worthy of special consideration as CAC approval validates what my eyes see.