Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 10C 1891 Seated 10C 1891

Choice $150 Choice Original, Olive Gold Patina, Frosty Cartwheel Luster, Reasonable Strike, Accurately Graded. Sure the 1891 Liberty Seated dime date is common! What is uncommon, is an 1891 dime with this type of eye appeal and worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation. Frosty cartwheel luster is immediately evident upon first viewing under a light source. Obverse olive-gold toning is a bit crusty while the reverse offers target toning; a faint sky blue center surrounded by rich gold. strike is nearly complete with just a touch of weakness at Liberty's head. Choice original surfaces are blemish free. Housed in 2013 generation PCGS holder with edge view insert. An eye appeal offering for that common date Dansco or Whitman album slot in a type or date/mintmark set.