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Early Commems 50C 1925 Early Commems 50C 1925
Thick Planchet

Choice $425 New October 10! Norse-American Octagonal Medal, Thick Planchet, Steely Surfaces, Reflective Luster, Near-Gem, Osprey Collection. Norse-American medal struck by Philadelphia mint after approval by Bureau of Mint during early 1925. The medal commemorates the 1825 journey of the Norwegian vessel Restauration to America. Medals were struck with two different planchet thicknesses. The "thick planchet" mintage was 33,750 pieces and appears to be better struck than the earlier "thin planchet" version. This lovely example features natural champagne-gold toning. Brilliant medallic luster is most pleasing during bright light inspection. Strike is complete. A well preserved example for those who wish to add to their early U.S. silver commemorative holdings. The octagonal shape is also unique and wicked cool. Housed in old ANACS white holder with "1925 Medal Norse American Thick" on label.