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Seated 50C 1840 Seated 50C 1840
Rev 1839
Original $325 Double Date, Reverse of 1839, Original Light Gray Gold Patina, Accurately Graded, Golden Harvest Collection. A lovely 1840 Small Letters half (Reverse of 1839) housed in mid 1990 generation ANACS old white holder. Surfaces are original light gray with intermixed golden hues that appear when viewed on a light source. Strike is nearly complete with only a touch of weakness at the lower left eagle leg and arrow feathers; a common issue for many Seated half dollar dates. This offering is also the Double Date die variety and listed by Bugert as WB-10 in his Federal Registry series on Seated half dollar die varieties. A closed 10x loupe inspection revealed no blemishes or contact marks worth mentioning. Overall a wholesome and attractive 1840 Small Letters half that is fairly graded. A quality duplicate from the Golden Harvest Collection.