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Capped Bust 10C 1834 Capped Bust 10C 1834
Large 4
Choice New Price
Substantial Price Reduction - April 26, 2020. Choice Original, Light Gray-Olive Patina, Well Struck for Variety, Accurately Graded, Linden Collection. Ex. Gorman. Strong JR-5 Large 4 example with choice original surfaces. Attractive light gray-olive patina is nicely distributed across obverse with light shades at the periphery. Reverse has similar coloring except for dark blue at the lower reverse. Obverse strike is well executed with all stars in high relief while reverse has center weakness typical for the variety. A careful 10x loupe inspection reviews an ancient toned over line above the eagles head that is not distracting. A well balance example worth considering. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with Gorman and Large 4 shown on the label. From the Linden Collection.