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Capped Bust 5C 1836 Capped Bust 5C 1836
Large 5C
Gem $4750 New February 24! Large 5C, Rare Die Marriage, Gem Original, Swirling Satiny Cartwheels, Ospery Collection. A scarce LM-7 R4 variety that is rare in Mint State (per Logan and McCloskey, Federal Half Dimes: 1792-1837, 1998). This premium quality MS-65 is unquestionably a gem and most likely among the finest obtainable to today's discerning collectors. Soft satiny luster glows with swirling cartwheels under a light source. Preservation is 100% original. This lovely Gem is layered with the lightest golden-silver toning. The obverse details are lightly struck due to a lapped die to remove clashing. The LM-7 die pairing is further diagnosed with stars 11 and 12 boldly repunched. Housed in new large font NGC holder. An Osprey Collection special find.