Photo Denom Date Grade TPG Variety GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 50C 1877 Seated 50C 1877
Gem $1875 85% CAC Buyback! Gem Original, JUST BUY IT NOW. A new purchase via the GFRC CAC Buyback program and offered at a discounted price. Deeply toned, mirrored fields contrast with the frosted devices, and the effect is pleasing. Rich tones of blue-green intermix with delicate russet shades, especially on the reverse, while the central figures on both sides are more lightly toned. The strike is convincing, with sharp stars and near-complete eagle feathers. CAC approval is no surprise, with the coin guaranteed to look even better in hand. WB-103, type 2 reverse with a closed bud to the left. Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder.