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Seated 25C 1847O Seated 25C 1847-O
Briggs 1-A
Scarce New Orleans Date, Rare Grade, Original Frosty Luster, Typical Strike, Palos Verdes Collection. 1847 New Orleans quarters may have a reported mintage of 368,000 but heavy circulation in the deep South lead to low survival rates for present day collectors. This date is presently scarce in all grades and rare at the EF/AU grade level. The date is also notorious for being weakly struck at the upper obverse. Grading this date is challenging due to weak strikes. Considering this background, GFRC is pleased to be offering a fresh example from new Palos Verdes Collection consignor. This original example is a no question AU specimen with residual mint frost surrounding the stars and throughout the reverse. Bright light inspection reveals frosty luster and moderate cartwheels on the reverse. Obverse toning is limited to peripheral rose that extends throughout the reverse. Surfaces are unabraded. PCGS has only graded four pieces at the AU53 level and another four at AU55. GFRC images are less than spectacular and unable to illustrate the residual luster. Please keep this in mind when considering this offering. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2012-2014) holder.