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Seated 50C 1841O Seated 50C 1841-O
Baseball Crack Rev
Original $3000 Baseball Die Crack Reverse, Original, Cumberland County Collection. The Bugert reference identifies the WB-2 as a scarce variety, popular with collectors due to the web of reverse die cracks. Commonly referred to as the “baseball die crack reverse,” a patchwork of reverse lines is easily visible to the naked eye, making for a distinct appearance. This is a middle die-state example, with the crack below OF A(MERICA) not yet forming. The patina of this piece is silver-gray, with sandy overtones more evident on the reverse. Marks are scattered, apart from some chatter inside star 6. Many varieties within the Liberty Seated series require a glass (and related eyestrain) to make a positive attribution – this is not such a coin! Housed in a PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder with "Medium Mintmark WB-102 Baseball Die Crack Pattern" attribution on label.